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Air Purifiers for Pet Owners


Pets are part of your family but their presence can cause allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, red eyes, hives, and sneezing. Research has revealed that pet dander is the primary cause of allergic reactions and affects about 10%–20% of the population worldwide. Pets produce a variety of substances that trigger allergies and cause your immune system to overreact.  

Air purifiers are known for successfully removing dander and other pollutants from the air. Continue reading to find out how pet allergies affect your household and how air purifiers can help. 

Allergens Caused by Pets 

  • Pet hair – Many pet owners think pet hair is the main cause of their allergies but it’s actually rare that someone is experiencing a reaction from the hair. The allergy actually comes from the hair trapping particles such as dander, urine, and saliva then coming into direct contact with human skin or the respiratory system. 
  • Pet dander – This common allergen is skin flakes that your pet sheds. The allergic reaction is from coming into contact with the proteins secreted by your pet’s oil glands. Some of the flakes float through the air and get inhaled by everyone in the household. 
  • Dust balls – Pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and saliva accumulate on dust bunnies which attracts mites. The dust mites feed on the pet dander and reproduce which causes more allergens to be released into the air. 
  • Pet saliva – Pets lick themselves and the proteins found in their saliva stick to their coat. People come into contact with the saliva proteins every time they touch their pet which leads to allergic reactions.  

Do air purifiers reduce pet dander? 

Yes. Air purifiers with filtration help reduce pet dander. Air purifier models that feature a HEPA filter which has particle filtration technology is ideal for reducing dander and reducing pet allergies.

Other Ways to Reduce Allergens 

  • Bathe your pet regularly to reduce the amount of dander that gets released into the air
  • Clean your home on a regular basis to remove pet hair, dander, and saliva from the surfaces
  • Limit your pet’s access to specific rooms in the home
  • Make sure your HVAC system is clean and the air filter is replaced regularly

How to Choose the Right Air Purifier for Households with Pets 

The first thing you need to do is determine the size of the room in square feet and choose one of the sizes below:  

  • Small air purifier – Rooms that measure 200 square feet or smaller will benefit from a small size air purifier. 
  • Medium air purifier – Small basements and studio apartments that are 201 to 399 square feet will benefit from a medium-size air purifier. 
  • Large air purifier – Areas that measure more than 399 square feet, such as an office, living room, master bedroom, basement, or garage will benefit from a large air purifier. 

Many pet owners suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues but still keep their beloved dog. If you are one of these dedicated and loving pet owners, you need to choose an air purifier that has a double airflow output. This special feature removes microscopic allergens from the air and produces four changes per hour which will help reduce allergy symptoms. 

Are you looking for an air purifier for your household that will reduce your pet allergy symptoms? If so, start breathing better with Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier.