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Choosing a Dehumidifier for crawl spaces and basements

Moisture issues can become problematic in places such as crawl spaces and basements. Dehumidifiers are the best way to get rid of excess moisture.

Here are some tips and recommendations on choosing the best dehumidifiers for crawl spaces and basements.

When deciding on a dehumidifier, look for a compact size such as 12" x 12" x 21". Newly designed dehumidifiers with small and compact designs can save valuable space while removing excess moisture to avoid mold and other issues.

Quick Stats

Dehumidifier effectively remove moisture from basements and crawl spaces up to 2,200 square feet. On average, 70 pints of moisture can be removed per day using a dehumidifier.

Easy Set-Up

Look for easy setup. Place the dehumidifier on a flat surface, plug it in, and turn it on. 


Warranty for industry-leading dehumidifiers average is 1-year parts and labor warranty, plus an additional 5-year warranty on the whole system.

Choose a durable dehumidifier to stand up to harsh conditions and temperatures up to 95 degrees F with high-quality constructed material. 

Quiet Operation 

When purchasing a dehumidifier, choose one that is quiet but strong enough to remove moisture. Many popular models of the dehumidifier are relatively quiet and do a great job at maintaining set humidity levels in encapsulated crawl spaces and basements.

Other things to consider

Also, ask these questions when buying a dehumidifier:

  • Does it come with filters? Many dehumidifiers already come with filters included with your purchase. Check the contents of the box and owner manuals for parts included. 
  • What is the warranty? The industry average dehumidifier warranty is 5-years for products in the US and North American markets.
  • Does it work in tight spaces? Yes. Look for compact dehumidifiers designed for tight crawl spaces and basements.
  • How long is the hose? Many models include an 8-foot hose with your purchase.

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