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Mold and dehumidifiers

Mold can grow in humid or damp areas and may cause health problems. It may cause allergic or irritating reactions and asthma attacks. Mold is not always visible and can be hidden behind wallpaper, carpeting, and other places. 

Moisture issues with mold can become problematic in crawl spaces and basements. Dehumidifiers are the best way to get rid of excess moisture and mold.

Here are some tips and recommendations on choosing the best dehumidifiers for crawl spaces and basements to get rid of mold. 

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When deciding on a dehumidifier, look for a compact size such as 12" x 12" x 21". Newly designed dehumidifiers with small and compact designs can save valuable space while removing excess moisture to avoid mold and other issues.

Size of a dehumidifier

There are three main factors to consider when sizing a dehumidifier:

  1. Humidity inside the space
  2. Size of the space
  3. Temperature inside the space


Mold can also spread to your home's HVAC system, which affects your heat, cooling, and air circulation throughout your house. 

Preventing mold problems in your home is a matter of keeping water out of certain rooms, crawl spaces and basements as well as fixing any leaks that can turn into mold growth. 

If your home is very humid, a dehumidifier will help prevent mold growth. 

Buying a dehumidifier for mold

When purchasing a dehumidifier for mold, choose one that is quiet but strong enough to remove moisture in any rooms of your house, basement and crawl spaces.

Many popular models of the dehumidifier are relatively quiet and do a great job at maintaining set humidity levels. 

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