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Can I leave my air purifier on all night in the bedroom?

It is recommended that you keep your bedroom air purifier running all night. 

When going to bed, turn the fan speed to low to reduce any unwanted noise. Run the unit on the high-speed setting when you’re not in the bedroom and turn it down to a low-speed when you are ready to go to bed.

It is also recommended to keep your doors and windows closed while your bedroom air purifier is in use. 

You cannot run an air purifier for a couple of hours and expect your air to remain clean. This is why we recommend you keep your air purifier unit running overnight in your bedroom, which may help to improve the quality of your sleep. An air purifier helps create a healthy sleep environment by trapping all airborne irritants in the bedroom. 

In the morning, before leaving your house, you could turn the air purifier in the bedroom off. Leaving an air purifier on night or day will leave the air in your bedroom cleaner.